How you want the R1 and R6 to change

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We’ve been asking Yamaha owners about what they want changed on the R1 and R6.

Your verdicts are now being forwarded to Yamaha for the firms product planners to take into account in their future plans.

Here’s what R6 owners say they want: A slicker gearbox, Efi, upside down forks, a single seat cowl, steering damper, a little more power across the rev range, adjustable rearsets, quick-release fairing fastners, integerated indicators, stickier stock tyres, a flatter and lower seat, rev limit LED indicator and a decent alarm to bring the cost of insurance down!

R1 owners had similar demands: improved suspension, a little slicker gearbox, quick release fastners, more room under the instruments for a steering damper, shorter throttle travel, better underseat storage, adjustable rearsets, a steering damper as standard, a top gear indicator light, lap timer and oil pressure gauges, single-seat cowl as standard, bolt-on subframe, ride height adjuster for rear shock and mounting points for crash bobbins.

One user asked for a comfort package for those who ride their R1s long distances. The package, he said, should include bungee hooks, higher screen, adjustable rear sets a gel seat and… heated grips.

Another said Yamaha should offer all the improvements people craved in an SP version, tricked to the max and with a price to match.

It’s not too late to add your voice. You’ll find threads on the Yamaha R1 and Yamaha R6 boards called ” Yamaha wants your advice ” . Add your comments to those threads.

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