Land’s End to John O’Groats without putting a foot down

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Wayne Booth has set a record for riding Land’s End to John O’Groats without a stop for so much as a pee… let alone to refuel.

Careful planning meant his 854-mile journey was completed without even having to halt at traffic lights or junctions, thanks to a support crew going ahead to clear his way.

Booth, 37, took just under 15 hours to ride the length of Britain and used a Honda Varadero equipped with an en extra 74-litre tank, taking capacity to 102 litres.

Toilet duties were handled by a pipe leading from his trouser region to a bucket stashed onboard.

Drinks were stored in three backpacks.

The journey hit its only serious hitch just half a mile from the finish, when an unknown pedestrian jumped into the middle of the road to try to force Booth to a halt.

Booth said: " None of us had any idea what he was doing there, but if I’d got that far and had to put a foot down, I would have run him over. "

The teacher, from Wennington Hall School, Tewitsfield, near Lancaster, is likely to see the 14-hours-and-48-minutes feat appear in the Guinness Book of Records. There is no current entry for a feet-up passage.

He said: " The last bit was very difficult. I was so tired by the end that I couldn’t get off the bike for half an hour. "

The ride raised around £2000 for charity.

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