"Hunk of the Year" Ben Bostrom comments on his victory

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THE racing season might have ended a month ago, but the competition has been fast and furious for the title ” Hunk of the Year ” with over 200 votes from (mostly) female visitors to the MCN website.

To let you all see how all the 203 votes were spread, here’s the result in full, and as is traditional with such events, in reverse order:

14=. Sean Emmett, Leon Haslam, Norick Abe, Eric Bostrom, Mick Doohan. 1 vote

13. Troy Corser. 2 votes

12. Nicky Hayden. 3 votes

10=. Max Biaggi, Colin Edwards. 4 votes

9. Chris Walker. 5 votes

8. James Toseland. 8 votes

7. Troy Bayliss. 11 votes

6. James Haydon. 12 votes

5. Valentino Rossi. 14 votes

4. Ruben Xaus. 17 votes

2=. Neil Hodgson, Pier-Francesco Chili. 22 votes

1. Ben Bostrom. 73 votes

So, Ben Bostrom claims the victory with an amazing 36 percent, almost doubling the combined scores of Chili and Hodgson, who shared second place. It’s interesting to note that the top four riders all competed in World Superbikes this year, and that they have all ridden Ducatis in the series. Meanwhile, Grand Prix World Champion Valentino Rossi languishes in fifth behind Ruben Xaus, and Max Biaggi is further down in tenth.

Bostrom told us: ” I appreciate the votes. But I’m going to keep riding hard and doing well on the track in case one day I come home from a long stint in Europe and my dog mistakes me for an intruder and goes for my face. When I’m covered with scars, I’ll need to fall back on the riding, you know? ”

Perhaps a dog trainer might be a good investment, Ben?

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff