And now it’s flashing helmets, too

WE’VE had ABS brakes, traction control and variable valve timing, now a British inventor reckons we should follow the lead of four wheels one more time by having car-style high-level brake lights… on the back of our helmets.

Grant Belben from Poole, Dorset, has patented a new wireless brake light system. It works like this: A battery/LED unit attaches to the back of the rider’s helmet with tape, so it easily detaches in case of an accident. A transmitter is fitted to the bike’s wiring loom, which sends out a signal to a receiver in the LED unit to turn it on and off at the same time as the bike’s rear light and to make it glow brighter when the bike’s brake light goes on. A single rechargeable battery is housed in the unit.

MCN will be getting one of the units to feature in our product pages within the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for more.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff