Is this numberplate big enough for you then?

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ANGRY biker Martin Hillier has fitted a numberplate that’s four times the legal size to his 1200 Bandit in protest at being fined for using a too-small illegal plate.

And the 33-year-old from Streatham, south London has even added a slogan to the 18in x 14in plate that reads ” Is this f***ing big enough, officer? ”

Hillier’s fury has been fuelled by a previous fine for a marginally-smaller-than legal plate and the fact that the last plate he had fitted to the bike in protest – a tiny 5in x 2in example – was confiscated by police.

Wellingborough firm MAL Numberplates made the huge plate, using four legal-sized items.

Hillier said: ” I’ve got really annoyed with the coppers’ attitude so now I’ve put on the biggest plate I could imagine. We’ll see what they think of that. It’s just a bit of fun to p*ss the police off. I’ll take it to Box Hill and Chelsea Bridge to find out if they see the funny side. ”

He’ll have to wait and see,. A traffic officer told MCN: ” It would be down to each officer’s discretion. I think four times the normal size is an overreaction. ”

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff