Mission Impossible Triumph for sale

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HOW much would you pay for a Triumph Speed Triple with bullet holes in the tail, a broken mirror and a smashed tail unit?

Well, the best bid so far is £5612, although the bike in question is also a piece of movie history.

One of the Triumphs used by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible II is up for sale from US movie memorabilia company New Line Cinema. The 1998 T509 has been modified slightly for film use but is road legal, despite the holes. Although you would probably want to fix that rear light.

The bike was made famous in the 2000 box office smash when Aussie stunt man Matt ” kangaroo kid ” Coulter performed one handed stoppies, rolling burnouts and jumps on it. However bike fans were more impressed with the bike’s strange ability to mend itself and swap tyres from road legal to knobblies without stopping.

Unfortunately Triumph could not confirm the bike’s authenticity, however a spokesman did say that it was ” very likely to be the bike. ” The film company was supplied with 10 different bikes during shooting.

If you want to make a bid log onto www.auction.newline.com. The closing date for bids is December 18.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff