Split lid could save lives

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A NEW design of helmet has been developed that can be safely removed from a rider who’s been in an accident with less danger of aggravating possible neck injuries – and allowing more rapid fitting of emergency life support apparatus.

It’s the idea of Edinburgh design graduate George Robusti, 22. The lid can easily be split in two by emergency crews along a glued seam. Paramedics plug in a power source to an an electric heating wire which runsthe length of the seam. This melts the glue, allowing the helmet to be split in two.

Robusti’s design means any helmet adopting the system could look as neat as any full face lid currently on the market.

He won the Audi Foundation prize for young designers earlier this year and is now hoping to receive funding from the car firm of up to £10,000. Then he needs to convince helmet firms it’s worth looking at as a design concept.

Robusti said: ” Any manufacturer could use this idea to add safety to an existing design. And it doesn’t affect the aesthetics at all. ”

Mark Oldroyd, the UK boss of innovative helmet firm Roof, said: ” If it increases safety it is worth looking at, especially if it doesn’t affect styling. The concern is that the two-piece system will make the helmet too expensive. ”

And paramedics would welcome the innovation. Frank Younger, a paramedic who is often on duty at Knockhill race meetings, said: ” If the two parts of the helmet can be kept secure during an accident and then separate easily, it could save a rider’s life. ”

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff