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Here’s our latest line-up for bike-related oddities from around the planet. If you know of something worthy of inclusion in our next collection, e-mail

AUSTRALIA: Not content with the air supply to his Yamaha R6, Aussie racer Andrew Tootall attempted to boost the performance of his R6 at a recent test at Philip Island. The fitting of a funnel failed to show any improvement… so we won’t be seeing them on our road bikes. Good.

AMERICA: Leon Resnick was tragically killed in Florida after colliding with a duck. Resnick was testing his new waterbike on a lake near Fort Lauderdale when he hit a bird at 55mph. No one actually witnessed the crash but bird feathers were found on the bike’s handlebars.

HOME: As if we don’t have enough problems with diesel spills already Range Rover has just released a model which ditches an oil slick as an optional extra! The new £100,000 anti-terrorist model comes complete with a smoke screen, bulletproof glass and can fire out an oil slick at the push of a button. ” We don’t see much call for this option ” said a Range Rover spokesperson.

We understand that some more elderly Range Rovers come with this option as standard… and you don’t even need to push a button.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff