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Suspension expert Craig Webb will be available to answer your questions in a live chat on motorcyclenews on Thursday, July 19.

Webb is eminently well qualified to help you improve your handling as he works intimately with the Castrol Honda British Supersport 600 team which runs Kirk McCarthy and John McGuinness.

So if you aren’t sure whether it’s more rebound or compression you need, or how much pre-load would suit someone of your weight, make sure you are on-line between 10am and 11am.

He’s also pretty sharp on engine matters… so don’t be shy if you’re after getting a few more bhp.

Go to the Talk Bikes section of the site and into the VIP Lounge. There you’ll be able to put your question. If you’d rather just watch others’ questions and Craig’s answers, you’ll be able to do that in Live chat Room Two.

If you can’t make it at that time, send in your question to and we’ll put them to Craig. You’ll be able to read his responses when we publish the full transcript on the site later in the week.

To be able to join in, you need to be a registered user of But that’s free of charge and simple to achieve: Just go to and when the home page loads you’ll see the words LOG IN close to the top and right of the page.

Click on that and you’ll be offered the opportunity to fill in an on-line form. Once you’ve completed that, you’re in.

And with the chance to talk to Neil Hodgson before the Brands WSB round coming soon, it’s worth getting yourself registered now.

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By MCN Staff