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Fireblade owner Dave Manchester, from Bradford, had his bike stolen in March last year. In the 16 months since, he’s been a man on a mission, installing every security device imaginable to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

He said: " I decided that for every method they use to nick a bike, I would install at least two to counter it. Until you’ve had your bike nicked you don’t know what it’s like. I’ve certainly made sure it won’t happen again. "

And when you look down the list of security measures Dave has employed, it’s difficult to argue otherwise.

He’s installed an integrated alarm system for his house and garage comprising infra-red, contact and vibration sensors. The garage door has been fitted with four case-hardened Motrax door locks and four Yale disc locks.

A quarter-inch thick, 4in wide box-section steel gate is in front of the garage door to prevent it being opened. The gate posts are 8ft long, 4ft of which is embedded in concrete. The gate is secured with 20mm hardened bolts surrounded by a quarter-inch box section steel security cover. The top of the gate is a wrecking bar which is impossible to cut or saw.

Dave also uses a Ground Hogg III anchor with an Abus Granit Gold padlock and chain fitted through the rear swingarm, plus an Oxford U-lock and disc lock just for good measure. And to be on the safe side the bike is alarmed, datatagged and HISS protected.

The downside? " It takes me nearly 20 minutes to get the bike out in the morning, " says Dave.

Cost: About £700.

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By MCN Staff