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Ken D gave his local bike thief the shock of his life with his very effective but highly illegal invention – the electric shed.

Angry at having his previous bike nicked, Ken vowed never to let it happen again by rigging his garden shed up to a car ignition coil and electric flasher unit. When the thief stood on the ramp he applied pressure to the switch underneath, which supplied power to the flasher unit. Each click of the flasher unit sent a low-tension pulse through the coil, which then put a high-tension pulse through the coil lead. The coil lead was earthed to the inside of the bolt and padlock and the live wire was left a couple of millimetres off the lock. The subsequent electric shock resulted in a severe burn.

Ken recalls: " It’s amazing how fast a relay clicks with very little load on it. My midnight caller lit up like a Christmas tree. The entire set-up is now in the possession of the local constabulary and my case is pending for causing ABH. All this to protect my ancient Kawasaki KR1 – but it’s my KR1. "

Cost: £75-£100.

How legal is this?

Det Insp Gibbs of the Metropolitan Police says: " If the intent of the device is deemed to be unreasonable, you could be in trouble. You could be sued in the civil court and if the injuries sustained are serious you could be subject to a criminal charge. You have to convince the court that you intended to just protect your bike, not injure someone. "

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