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One Munch Mammoth is probably enough for this world, and we got it in 1966 in the form of an NSU-engined behemoth known as the 1200 TTS. The air-cooled car engine was good for 88bhp and then 100bhp with fuel injection.

The only chassis technology that could cope at the time was an elephantine rig Friedl Munch hewed from steel with his teeth. Why the world needs son of Munch when No1 went down like a turd during a water strike remains one of the great conundrums of the 21st Century.

This Mammoth employs a two-litre, turbo-charged engine producing a claimed 260bhp, it is estimated to weigh 363kg (800lb) and has a top speed of 156mph. ” Why ” and ” bother ” are the two words that spring to mind.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff