Best, wackiest and newest products to see at the NEC

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We’ve visited every stand to bring you the newest, best or even wackiest new products, and a round-up of some of Birmingham’s best buys, too.

1. Knox Aeropack £39.99 This rucksack has more features than a garden created by the Groundforce team. When you reach your destination you can store your helmet in a handy pouch underneath the bag and your back-protector can be rolled up and buckled to the top. Straps around your waist and chest hold the rucksack firmly in place when you are riding and two side pockets as well as the main compartment give loads of storage. The bag is also claimed waterproof. Knox stand: hall 17, stand R114

2. Banded Brake Cylinder Tops £23 Made of aluminium these are the top braking fashion accessories, although they don’t improve your bikes stopping power. There are three styles and come in either red, black, blue or purple or chrome depending on the bike they are for. The logo is etched on so there is no chance of it being rubbed off. Rhencullen Race Products: hall 19, stand T117

3. Led Rear Lights £175 Give your bikes rear end a new look with these LED rear lights. They fit to any flat surface and when activated16 LEDs light up at one level for rear-lights and brighter for braking. The backing plate comes in red, blue, black, silver or gold and the kit includes a registration plate light. Unfortunately as they don’t have an E mark they are not road legal. Rhencullen Race Products: hall 19, stand T117

4. K&N 2-Stage Air Filter £67.63 This is a new solution to the problem of dirt being sucked into your SP-1s air-box. The red filter can be inserted for road riding where there is a greater chance of debris and taken out for track days, increasing the flow of air to get more power from your engine. A direct replacement for the stock filter the K&N unit can be cleaned and reused as many times as you like. PDQ: hall 6, stand T44

5. Blue Flame Power Port End Can from £220 A simple bung makes this race pipe road legal. The top of the two exhaust ports has a removable internal baffle which when inserted means the can complies with the E markings to make it road legal. It can be removed or inserted in seconds and the can comes in stainless steel, titanium, carbon or coloured titanium. Prices start from £220 and go up to £290. Blue Flame: hall 20, stand T48

6. Datatool Revlight £69.99 You can feel like a GP rider with this fitted to your bike. Simple to fit it has a series of LED lights that run in a sequence through green/amber/red to show the revs you are at. It can be programmed to your individual riding style and comes in a clear, flexible plastic case. Datatool: hall 19, stand T23

7. Biker’s bar stools £149

The perfect seat for anyone who loves bikes these stools come in three different styles, classic, custom or sports. Each is made from chromes steel tubes and have real bike seats and footrests. The sports seat even comes with two exhaust pipes exiting at the rear. Just try getting the wife to agree to these at the breakfast bar! Norman Hyde: hall 19, stand T117

8. Malaguti Kids Supermoto £880 This must be the ultimate Christmas present for any kid. The 2-stroke 49cc single motor produces 2.8bhp but can be tuned to a mighty 10bhp. However as the bike weighs just 35kg (77lb) that will make it more than fast enough. For safety there is a cut off switch with a cord to attach to the child’s wrist. Malaguti: hall 19, stand T35

9. Oxford Hothands £49.99 The perfect thing for an all-year round biker these heated handle bar grips simply Velcro on and off in seconds. A rubber inner stops them slipping on when attached and they heat up in seconds. They come with a wiring loom that attaches directly to the battery and can be fitted in seconds. Oxford Products: hall 6, stand R75


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