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A quick look around the crazy world of biking


A grandma has been convicted of embezzling £800,000 from the firm she worked at as an accountant. The 57-year old spent the cash, collected over a four-year period, on slot machines, a Cadillac, a van and a Harley-Davidson.


A transsexual magician has lost her right to ride a battery-powered scooter without insurance. A judge ruled that Fay Presto’s vehicle could not be classed as an electrically-assisted bicycle, but was a ” powered conveyance ” instead.


Riders who wear a helmet are being offered free pizzas. Traffic wardens in Acerra are handing out vouchers to reward law-abiding youngsters. It’s the idea of Mayor Michelangelo Riemma, who said: ” I will do everything I can to get young citizens to wear a helmet. ” Lids are compulsory, but few teenagers wear them.


Blood banks in Johor are running short because the supplies are being used up treating youths injured in illegal motorcycle racing. More than 4000 litres of blood a year is being used to fill up riders.


Next time your mates call your bike a pile of junk, just show them the bike pictured on the right – it actually is. Made of bits found in scrapyards, it is currently being shown in a museum of Folk Art in Mexico.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff