users slam cuts in traffic cops

There has been an overwhelming response to the news that Nottinghamshire police has decided to scrap their dedicated traffic division.

The news of their " redeployment " to other tasks has prompted a flood of condemnation from users of our Talk Boards.

dirtync30 said " Have I been in a coma and the world has gone mad in my absence? Scrapping proper coppers and relying purely on cameras is probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard "

inferno called the decision " A joke " , adding, " I spend lots of time travelling the motorways with my job. Cameras can’t stop drunk drivers idiots on mobile phones etc. This just isn’t acceptable to the general public let alone bikers. "

Micb summed up the feeling, " I felt sick when I read that. With 96% of crashes not caused by speeding using a brainless machine that only targets speeding is as much use as t*ts on a bull.

" To remove traffic police who can do all the things cameras can’t do as discussed above is totally pathetic. If Blunkett allows this he should be forced to drive with a road full of drunk drivers driving like idiots every day. I think he’d come around sooner rather than later. "

Follow the links on the right and you read the full story of how the Notts force has followed the lead of Essex Constabulary in scrapping their traffic cops. You can also comment on this story and others just by clicking on the ‘Comment’ link.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff