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Jack Wolfendale, 50, from Bolton, Lancs. Rides a Honda FireBlade

” I came along because I’ve been riding since I was 16 and I want to try all aspects of motorcycling. Everyone’s been really friendly. They let you get on with it, but if you need advice it’s there. When I was jumping the ramp the two instructors laid down so I could jump them. That really impressed me – they showed faith. I sometimes think I should be in a club, playing dominoes or something, instead of doing things like this. But I’ve had a cracking day. ”

James Ingham, 30, from Bristol. Rides a Yamaha Thundercat

” This is a 30th birthday present from a bunch of friends and I didn’t even know what I was doing until I got here. I went into shock. Being told you’re going to ride a motorbike through a wall of fire isn’t something you take in your stride.

” I’ve been to race schools and there’s so much tuition it gets boring. This is the other end of the scale. Here they just let you go for it, but I would have liked a little bit more tuition at the beginning because I’ve never ridden off-road before. I had a great time, though. ”

Richard Broadbent, 28, from London. Rides a Honda VFR800

” I had a headache for three days after the crash, but I don’t regret going, it was brilliant. I’ve never ridden off-road and even the small mud jump was 5ft high, so I could have done with a nursery slope because it was so slippery to start with. I really went for it from the start, because I had one opportunity to go as mad as I liked on someone else’s bike in someone else’s kit. I crashed and they didn’t say anything, just gave me another bike and mended the broken one. The price included lunch and a video of yourself – they aren’t out to fleece you like some companies are. Their attitude is spot-on, but I would say with the excitement comes danger. ”

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff