G-Racer points to bikes of the future

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The firm which helped develop Ducati’s MH900e and Benelli’s beautiful Tornado has come up with a new prototype created to do a lap of the planet.

And while the bike itself is unlikely to ever see the light of day, many of the ideas could appear on machines in the not too distant future.

The bike will be shown for the first time at the NEC Show in Birmingham next month and is a 140bhp V-twin-powered superbike designed to be as capable off-road as on Tarmac.

Designed and built by AKA Design with backing from the Gadgetshop, the bike has been designed with the idea of a ” global challenge ” in mind – a kind of worldwide Cannonball Run that would see bikes racing on all terrains, requiring an unprecedented level of versatility.

The bike has an adjustable riding position which moves the seat and bars to suit the conditions. The ground clearance and suspension travel will also be adjustable for on or off-road use.

AKA says more will be revealed at the NEC.

But we already know that the bike ditches the conventional gearbox in favour of an electronically controlled auto box. It also has a GPS system, a rear-facing camera in place of mirrors, plus a front-facing infra-red one to improve night vision.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff