Lib-Dem transport policy focuses on bikes

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The Liberal Democrats have devoted a whole section of their latest transport policy to ” Two Wheeled Motor Vehicles ” . Do they mean us? We think so.

” Two-wheeled motor vehicles, ” the policy reads, ” are almost always less environmentally damaging than cars. We therefore advocate policy measures to encourage them. ”

They would start by setting our vehicle tax in the same way as it is for cars, i.e. setting it by carbon dioxide emissions. Most bike owners would ” pay little or nothing ” .

Then they would ask local councils to consider bikes in their Local Transport Plans. In particular they suggest bikes should be allowed into bus lanes.

They also want to make sure secure on-street parking is provided where in demand – complete with CCTV coverage.

And finally they hope to encourage Local Authorities to exempt us all from proposed congestion charging.

Pity they aren’t likely to be elected.

How can we make the Government put policies like these into action. Have your say by following the link, right.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff