Step seven: Rubbers

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No giggling at the back! There are lots of rubber parts on your bike – hoses and the like. Whether you’ve had the fairing off or not, you can get to a lot of the engine hoses with a silicon spray. This will not only make them look blacker than black and shiny as a shiny thing, but also extends their life. Obviously, with the fairing off you can get around the engine much better, but even with it on, you can get in through the vents. Be as careful as you can with this, but overspray will simply sit on top of the polish which you cleverly left on, so don’t panic about the paintwork.

Oh, and yes, tyres are made of rubber, but DO NOT use silicon spray on them to make them look blacker and shinier. Imagine a Vaseline coated eel trying to climb a iceberg. That’s how much grip your tyres would have.

Recommended silicone spray:Silkolene Pro Prep £4.99

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff