Strange but true

Here’s out latest collection of weird worldwide tales with a motorcycling bent. If you have anything worthy of adding to our next round-up send an e-mail to

Croatia: Despite being a national hero, Wimbledon champ Goran Ivanisevic can’t flog his Piaggio scooter. No-one put in a serious offer for it in a recent charity auction. Giant Ivanisevic, who is 6ft 5in tall, was told to get rid of the X9 by his frail old mum.

Holland: A rider who dresses in shining armour on a bike made to look like a horse has been ordered off the road. Police seized the 41-year-old " knight " and impounded his steed after complaints from shoppers in Zwijndrecht about his bizarre mode of transport.

Home: Riders in York were left scratching their heads after a misprint in the local paper. It claimed that a man was stopped by police for " not riding a motorcycle while wearing a helmet " . What next? Not getting your knee down while wearing sliders?

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff