Threesy rider

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IF Del and Rodney ever do become ” miwwionnaires ” , here’s what they’d rush out and buy. Like their trusty yellow Reliant van, The Corbin Merlin Roadster is a threewheeler, but there the similarity ends.

Surprisingly it’s even less practical than a bike, offering space inside for only one person. It is powered by a 1737cc 45 degree twin motor, which started life as a Harley lump before American tuning house Jim’s Machine breathed 102bhp and 125ftlb of goodness into it.

Power is fed through a four-speed box (plus a reverse gear to ease parking) to the front 17-inch chrome wheels.

The chassis is constructed of tubular steel for light weight and rigidity, with the rear wheel held in place by a single sided swingarm and rear shock, similar to a bike. Bodywork is moulded fibreglass.

Front suspension is more traditional car design with the wheels independently mounted on double wishbones. Three disc brakes bring the lightweight machine to a halt in no time at all.

With a top speed of 110mph and a fuel economy of between 40 and 60mpg the Roadster is not entirely impractical, as long as you live alone and somewhere where it doesn’t rain. A leather interior is standard, all hand sewn, and it even comes with a CD player.

Available in either orange, blue or black and silver each Roadster is individually made, and costs £16,500. Ouch.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff