Your pet hates revealed

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Thousands of riders have been surveyed to find out what we really, really hate – and top of the list is car drivers chucking burning cigarettes out of their windows.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is using the poll result to raise awareness about what they see as a genuine danger to riders.

MCI chief executive Mark Foster said: “It might sound petty to people who don’t ride, but it can be like having a hot missile thrown in between your eyes. ”

You can probably guess the other hates revealed by the survey, which were:

2. Diesel-spewing trucks and buses, 3. Car drivers using their windscreen washers when a bike is following them, 4. Drivers moving to the right of their lane to stop bikes moving past them, 5. Drivers changing lane without indicating, 6. Drivers (again!) who hog the middle lane on motorways, 7. People who park their cars on bends and in other dangerous places.

Does the MCIA survey reflect your opinions? Or are there more annoying problems that should be highlighted. Click on the link (right) to have your say.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff