Alpinestars redesign boots that ‘scratch’

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Two of Alpinestars top-of-the-range boots have been redesigned amid claims they can scratch a bike’s metal and bodywork.

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MCN testers discovered the metal heel plate in the £190 S-MX Plus and £229 Supertech boots could potentially cause damage.

Now Alpinestars have re-released the boots with the metal slider omitted, apparently after a GP rider complained of " lack of grip from the boot in extreme conditions. "

Alpinestars Alessia Buffon told MCN: " We didn’t have any problems with the boots. We believe the internal slider should not be a problem for any users.

" However, if any rider prefers not to have a slider it can easily be replaced by a plastic insert available from Alpinestars dealer. "

Alpinestars says it has not had any other complaints, but would be happy to hear from anyone who suffers any sort of damage to their bike as a result of the sliders.

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