Triumph begins rebuilding process

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TRIUMPH started rebuilding its fire-damaged factory today (Tuesday) and reckons it will have completed the work in just 14 weeks.

And in the meantime, the firm has confirmed it will be able to accelerate development of new models like the TT600R, Twenty-Two cruiser and Daytona 1300 superbike, as the R&D facilities were undamaged and now workers will not be distracted by producing other machines.

Under the rebuild plans, the firm will restructure its production organisation, moving many facilities to the newer factory, which was not effected by the fire. Under the plans, all engine production will move to the new plant, which already makes the Boneville’s two-cylinder motor.

The firm has also rented another building to take the place of its damaged parts store while the rebuilding goes ahead, so it can ensure it has the stock it needs from outside suppliers when production recommences.

See, right for Triumph’s statement in full.

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