1989-1991 Honda CBR 600FL

Published: 05 August 2002

This model became the bench mark for sports tourers, and gave Honda the edge on the opposition. With its 599cc engine and modest 130+mph for the early speed freaks it was destined to do well in the sales market. It made the other bikes on the market look like prehistoric monsters, some of which were double the cc. The riding position is good for both touring or thrashing round tight country lanes this lashed to a very forgiving chassis made this bike confidence inspiring.

On open roads the fairing does enough to keep the worst of the weather of you. Even up to its max, the bike is stable and comfy. I’ve had this bike for 4 years now and it does around 1200 miles each month in all weathers with out any problems. Its been loaded to the hilt with camping gear (and boy can you get some stuff on it) and ridden to its limit but still a flick of the starting button and away she goes like a good woman should!

It makes the ideal first big bike for every one including the female variety, it is that good. I would recommend it to any one cheep to insure 200+miles to the tank (if you keep it legal that is) parts are cheep and easy to get hold of plenty in the breakers too. In all I will be sad to see it go but I will be having another, probably the new 5cylinder next year but it will be a Honda and a CBR.