1995-1999 Honda CBR250RR

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Oh my God! When that rev limiter hits 20,000, you know you have really hit the limit!

Not only on the rev limiter but also on the enjoyment factor! I have never had as much adrenaline pumping through my puny structure as when you open the throttle and dip the clutch out of every junction possible.

The CBR250 feels like you would imagine a GP bike to feel like. Unbelievably nimble when chucking it’s slim but toned body around corners and the scream of the four stroke engine loving every second of the short trip around to that ” famous 20,000″ redline. I have never known a bike to feel as fast as the 250 through country lanes. It is not so much the speed, as the RGV would kick its ass, but it’s the presence and the sound, Especially when you were the first person to have a G-Force end can made especially for the CBR. I am sure it impersonated a harrier jumpjet at times.

As for tyres the Bridgestone BT 96’s were unbelievably brilliant until they stopped making them and you could feel every movement possible so throwing the bike into

hard corners was not a problem. Often I would have R6’s up my ass trying to pass what they thought was a 400 only to be surprised to find when they did pass on a straight that it was in fact a 250 they were racing. I say on a straight because truly this bike could keep up with a gixer six through the twisties of south east Kent. If I could enjoy every bike as much as I did the CBR250, then I will be a very happy man!

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff