2002 Yamaha Fazer FZS600

Published: 05 August 2002

I passed my test via Direct Access in April 2002 and being classed as an older rider (38), I wanted a bike that was powerful enough to have fun on, but also forgiving enough to let me get used to riding. After a lot of review reading and insurance quotes I selected the new 600 Fazer. I made this choice because all reviews of previous Fazer's had these down as good solid performers and the re-styling for 2002 made it look a lot more appealing.

Three months and almost three thousand miles later I am very pleased with the bike. I use it for commuting into Central London every day and it is sufficiently nimble to filter in and out of traffic without much effort. The acceleration is excellent as are the brakes which are plenty powerful enough to stop the bike in a short distance - I guess not surprising as they are straight off the R1

After such a short time riding I have not put the bike fully through its paces to test its limits, but leaning it over inspires confidence and to my mind I think I made the right choice of bike, and only have a couple of gripes;

firstly, the front mud guard is too short and therefore the front of the engine, exhaust downpipes and radiator get very dirty and an extender is recommended, especially as the late versions of the previous Fazer suffered very badly from corrosion around the weld points on the exhaust. None so far on mine, but prevention is better than cure. And finally, the gear change from first to second is very clunky and it is quite easy to clunk into neutral for that embarrassing high rev, loud noise and no power experience. Other bits (apart from the extender) I have found beneficial are a rear hugger to keep the crap off - although the internal rubber flap keeps most out of harms way and a radiator cover as it is rather exposed to a flying stone