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Clamp-down councillor blames loud pipes

Published: 01 July 2002

Richard Butler, the Nottinghamshire County councillor who recently claimed that local riders were terrorising the countryside by riding at speed while drunk, or " tanked up " as he put it, has posted a reply on our News board.

Hundreds of users e-mailed Butler yesterday after we reported on his comments made at a recent council meeting. Butler was lobbying for a police clamp-down on what he saw as a growing problem.

In a reply to one user, parisdakar, he wrote: " What people are really getting stressed about is the serious mix of very high-revving engines and modified exhausts, which literally shatter the peace.

" I have had villagers almost in tears at times at the fact that they are trying to get a bit of enjoyment in their gardens, houses, but feel at times as if they are being "invaded". Then on top of the noise, you surely must accept that a lot of bikers (like some other motorists) are going very quickly.

" My job is to represent residents and I used this opportunity to try and get their points across, as well as highlighting the very real danger that some bike riders put themselves in.

" The comment about tanked up was meant to be a humorous play on words… what was implied was that some riders come tanking out to country pubs for bikers nights etc. If people choose to interpret that as implying that they are drinking, well so be it. "

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We’ve written to Richard Butler and invited him to join us for a live webchat.