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The Department of Transport (DoT) is expected to make a compromise recommendation in its report on dark visors. But representatives of riders groups fear the decision will be a fudge: a visor which allows 34 per cent of light through.

The current law allows us to ride in visors that let 50 per cent of light through during daylight. Race visors (the kind many of us use) allow 18 per cent of light through, as much as sunglasses.

The DoT initially opposed any change to the law, fearing that riders simply wouldn’t change from a tinted visor to a clear one after dark.

But its consultation process has revealed such pro-dark visor support that it is under pressure to be seen to do something.

The committee that helps set the BSI standard is essentially in favour of legalising 18 per cent dark visors. It’s thought that only the Department of Transport is opposing that move.

A member of the committee, who asked not to be named, said: ” Allowing a midway visor is not the best result for riders, but it gives us the chance to start a new push for race visors. It’s a step in the right direction. ”

But with public consultation continuing until June 14, there’s still time to have your say.

Write to: Ms B Natarajan, VSE 6, Department for Local Government, Transport and the Regions, Zone 2/04, Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DR.

Ask for a consultation form and one will be sent for you to fill in. Alternatively, download what you need from the web at

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