Philadelphia cops crack down on toy run

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If you worry about police clamping down on motorcyclists in the UK, then spare a thought for bikers in America.

Members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club are already suing Philadelphia police with a lawsuit that claims SWAT team members armed with M-16 rifles barred them from a toy run to a children’s hospital.

The Warlocks went to federal court to be allowed to ride in a toy run for Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA). Now they, and all the other participants, have been greeted by around 135 police officers performing checks on every bike involved, resulting in such a low turnout that the event ended three hours earlier than planned. Organisers are angry that the police presence discouraged many people donating money and toys at the event. " This could ruin the holidays for a lot of kids who would have received the toys and money for this event, " said BACA president Mike Gambale. " I'm terrifically, deeply hurt " .

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff