Court rules some 30mph limits do not exist

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Some 30mph limits across England have no basis in law according to a recent court ruling.

Redditch Magistrates Court ruled a driver was not guilty of exceeding a 30mph limit as the restriction did not legally exist in a test case brought by the Association of British Drivers (ABD).

The speed limit in question was on the B4551 in Romsley. The authority responsible, Worcestershire County Council, had used legislation intended for use only on roads with street lamps, which the B4551 does not have. There is an alternative legal process for setting a lower speed limit, but it brings into question other 30mph limits on roads with no lighting.

ABD chairman, Brian Gregory said:

” The ABD does not condone the inappropriate use of speed and did not bring this case to help drivers ” get away ” with speeding. Drivers are supposed to obey the law, but so are the police and local authorities it works both ways. Drivers should not have to suffer for the mistakes of local councils that have failed to apply the law correctly in setting speed limits.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff