How good to you was Santa?

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Are you Britain’s luckiest biker, landing yourself an amazing bike-related present from a loved one this Christmas?

Or were you forced to go out and splash the cash on a biking gift for yourself to guarantee you got what you really wanted… rather than another pair of socks?

Either way MCN wants to hear from you early in the New Year for a special feature we’re planning.

You might have been bought a load of track days, a biking holiday in Europe or maybe a full-exhaust system for your bike. You might even have unwrapped a new bike on Christmas Day.

Let us know at the e-mail address below and we will be in touch when we’ve finished off the turkey…

E-mail (with Xmas Present in the subject line) or post on our Discussion & Chat boards (see link, right)

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff