Inspiration to get you through Winter

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If you’ve ridden through rain and mist to commute to work this week, or your only biking fix is a glance at your bike locked up in the garage, we have the inspiration you need to keep you going through the winter months.

We’ve compiled a guide to the 25 essential riding experiences that you need to try at least once. Find out which memories are cherished by the likes of MCN Editor Marc Potter, and what gave Chief Road Tester Trevor Franklin ” A memory for life ” . If you’ve already achieved some of the list, then you can wallow in the memory before going out and trying the rest.

Whether it’s watching a motorcycle demolition derby, riding the Nurburgring, or just heading off with the minimum of preparation, every experience is easily attainable, but there are some you just might not have even heard of before.

It’s all contained in the 25 essential biking experiences supplement, free with MCN, December 3.

Plus: Neil Hodgson tests a reader’s £20,000 Fila 999R replica and bins it. We reveal the new musclebikes coming from Yamaha, Back off Biking speaks to the man who controls UK motorcycling and take a look at the design process behind some of Ducati’s biggest successes. Insider offers great deals on new bikes and Dainese kit and you can become an expert on the Suzuki Bandit 600. Andy Ibbott offers tips to make your faster. New products include a Nolan lid, Joe Rocket bike trainers and how to make your CBR600RR look like a MotoGP repilica. And there’s a four-page guide to the best Christmas gifts this year from a £5 key ring to a £900 child’s motocross bike.

And you can find out the exclusive story behind Rossi’s switch to Yamaha, including the reason why he hasn’t spoken to Honda bosses in two years, and why he turned down an offer from Ducati.

All this is in MCN, December 3. Overseas readers can take out an E-Subscription by following the link on the right. And if you’ve got a magical biking experience that rekindles the joy of biking every time you think of it, email your story to

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By MCN Staff