Our guide reveals hot gloves for cold times

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Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to stop riding, just that you need to change your wardrobe. And with a few good pieces of kit you’ll be able to enjoy emptier roads in comfort.

It’s the extremities that feel the cold first, so all-season gloves are a vital part of your riding gear. Frozen fingers mean your range of movement is restricted, limiting your control over the brake, clutch and throttle. Not to mention the fact that it’s a distraction trying to get some life back in your fingers every few seconds.

That’s why MCN, December 10 carries a guide to the best all season gloves.

Prices range from £29.99 to £109.99 so there’s a decent choice for every budget from names like Alpinestar, Belstaff and Frank Thomas.

Also in MCN this week, you can win an Optimate Charger to keep your battery in top condition even when you aren’t able to go for a ride.

And if you want more opinions on a huge range of kit, visit our Product Reviews section by following the link at the top of the page. You can also discuss kit with other riders in our Discussion and Chat section. Not only are there MCN buying guides and reviews, but hundreds of MCN readers have sent in their own comments about the kit they use.

The good gear guide to winter gloves is in MCN, December 10. Plus; Aprilia track bikes, racer’s wives, GP speed tests, Biking’s top 10s of everything, and you could win a brand new Suzuki GSX-R1000 in our free-to-enter competition.

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