Win £5000 of prizes in our Christmas quiz

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We have more than £5000 worth of prizes to give away in our mammoth 2003 Christmas quiz, including a signed Valentino Rossi AGV lid.

Prizes also include an Alpinestars one-piece suit and other kit, top-spec Dainese leather jackets, a race can, DVDs, Frank Thomas all-weather gear, a huge haul of Oxford luggage and shedloads more.

There are 100 questions to answer, divided into three categories – general knowledge, technical and sport.

The first 22 entrants picked out of a hat with all 100 questions right (or the 22 highest-scoring entrants) will each win one of our great prizes. Prizes will be allocated at the discretion of MCN. In the event of a tie, the answer to a tiebreak question will be taken into account. All the answers will be printed in next week’s MCN, out Tuesday, December 30.

So all entries from users need to be e-mailed to us no later than midnight on December 29. Details of how to send in your answers are listed after the questions, below.

1.What is the name of Honda R&D’s senior chief engineer?

A) Mitsuyoshi Kohama. B) Massimo Tamburini. C) Willie G Davidson. D) Yukio Kagayama

2. Which prototype did Triumph scrap this year?

A) Rocket III. B) Daytona 1300. C) Tiger 955i. D) Sprint ST

3. Which BMW motorcycle celebrates its 20th anniversary this year?

A) R1200C. B) R1150GS. C) F650GS. D) K100

4. What bike did Kevin and Julia Sanders ride on their record breaking Alaska to Tierra del Fuego trip this year?

A) Yamaha TDM900. B) Honda C90. C) BMW R1150GS. D) Suzuki Hayabusa

5. What is thought to have caused the devastating fire at the National Motorcycle Musuem?

A) Chip pan. B) Static electricity. C) Discarded cigarette. D) Gas leak

6. How many of the final edition Ducati 998s will be produced?

A) 3. B) 300. C) 3000. D) 30,000.

7.Which bike donates its engine for the Mondial Nuda?

A) Honda SP-2. B) Kawasaki ZX-9R. C) Ducati 998. D) Yamaha YZF-R1.

8. The Laverda 1000SFC was unveiled at this year’s Milan Show, who owns the Laverda company name?

A) Ducati. B) MV Agusta. C) Aprilia. D) Benelli

9. Which bike featured in 2003 movie hit, Matrix Reloaded?

A) Ducati ST4. B) Ducati 996. C) Ducati Multistrada. D) Ducati 999

10. What speed was jailed speeder Andrew Osborne doing when he was caught?

A) 187mph. B) 157mph. C) 147mph. D) 137mph

11. Which firm had its 100th birthday this year?

A) Ducati. B) Honda. C) Kawasaki. D) Harley-Davidson

12. What bike did pop star Jay Kay get this year?

A) Ducati 999 Fila rep. B) Suzuki GSX-R600 Rizla rep. C) Aprilia RS250. D) Benelli Tornado

13. Which footballer was pictured on a Triumph Sprint RS for a major advertising campaign earlier this year?

A) David Beckham. B) Michael Owen. C) Rio Ferdinand. D) Gary Neville

14. Which U.S. car firm built the Tomahawk bike?

A) Ford. B) General Motors. C) Dodge. D) American Honda Motor Co

15. How much will a replica Honda Six cost you?

A) £35,000. B) £135,000. C) £235,000. D) £335,000

16. Which royal attended the Isle of Man TT in 2003?

A) Queen Elizabeth. B) Prince Phillip. C) Princess Anne. D) Prince William

17. What do the initials CBT stand for?

A) Compulsory Bike Training. B) Constant Bike Training. C) Compulsory Basic Training. D) Compulsory Bike Test

18. Which long term test bike has MCN Editor Marc Potter run this year?

A) Suzuki GSX-R1000. B) Honda CBR600RR. C) Kawasaki ZX-9R. D) Yamaha YZF-R1

19. Who was pictured reading MCN on the set of the latest Star Wars film?

A) Tom Cruise. B) Pierce Brosnan. C) Ewan McGregor. D) Robert Carlisle

20. What did Suzi Perry remove at a Riders for Health Auction earlier this year?

A) Her socks. B) Her gloves. C) Her T-shirt. D) Her boots

21. What is unique about the Reevu MSX1 helmet?

A) Rear view mirror. B) Plastic shell. C) Quick-release visor. D) ACU Gold approval

22. The BMF Show in Peterborough was attended by how many people this year?

A) 60,771. B) 70,771. C) 80,771. D) 90,771

23. What is the bike speed limit on a dual carriageway?

A) 40mph. B) 50mph. C) 60mph. D) 70mph.

24. Crime stats show which kind of bike is stolen most?

A) Trials bike. B) Sports bike. C) Scooter. D) Touring bike.

25. Metzeler has produced the widest production tyre, how wide is it?

A) 250mm. B) 260mm. C) 270mm. D) 280mm.

26. What does it cost to tax a motorcycle over 601cc for 12 months?

A) £40. B) £50. C) £60. D) £70.

27. What European road standard does a helmet need to meet?

A) ECE11.05. B) ECE22.05. C) ECE33.05. D) ECE44.05

28. Which item of clothing was given to bikers in a safety campaign this year by the North Yorkshire Police?

A) Balaclavas. B) Pants. C) Socks. D) Scarves

29. What is the daily Greater London congestion charge for motorcyclists?

A) Nothing. B) £2.50. C) £5. D) £10

30. Where is the MCN Spring Spectacular held?

A) Butlins Minehead. B) Butlins Bognor Regis. C) Butlins Skegness. D) Butlins Pwhellic

31. Which company started producing coloured tyres earlier this year?

A) Tomahawk. B) Dunlop. C) Pirelli. D) Bridgestone

32. How many limited edition Arai RX-7 Chikara helmets are being imported into the UK?

A) 5. B) 50. C) 5000. D) 50,000.

33. Which seaside resort holds its annual beach race each October?

A) Clacton. B) Weymouth. C) Torquay. D) Weston-super-Mare.

34. Which of these manufacturers is not Italian?

A) Rieju. B) Ducati. C) MV Agusta. D) Benelli.

35. Which Hollywood superstar recently bought six Honda Rune motorcycles for his mates?

A) Tom Cruise. B) Ewan McGregor. C) George Clooney. D) Keanu Reeves.

36. How many bikes were destroyed in the recent fire at the National Motorcycle Museum?

A) 6. B) 60. C) 600. D) 6000.

37. Where is the Norton Commando 952 being built?

A) Japan. B) Britain. C) India. D) America.

38. Which championship-winning motorcycle did MCN tester Trevor Franklin ride at Assen in September?

A) Rossi’s RCV. B) Hodgson’s 999. C) Shakey’s 998. D) Pedrosa’s RS125.

39. What make of bike does Lara Croft ride in Tomb Raider, The Cradle of Life?

A) MZ. B) CCM. C) Hyosung. D) Yamaha

40. MCN’s Back Off Biking campaign calls for support for eight measures to boost rider safety. Which of the following is NOT included?

A) New training for learners. B) More traffic police. C) Road repairs. D) Higher bike speed limits

41. Which number did the legendary Barry Sheene use during his GP career?

A) 1. B) 7. C) 46. D) 69

42. In which year did the first motoring event take place at Goodwood?

A) 1850. B) 1901. C) 1936. D) 1986

43. What birthday is Ducati celebrating this year?

A) 10 years. B) 30 years. C) 75 years. D) 100 years.

44. Which MCN road tester took part in the Yamaha Press Celebrity Race at the recent MCN-backed Superprix event at Lydden Hill?

A) Matt Wildee. B) Trevor Franklin. C) Stefan Bartlett. D) Michael Neeves.

45. Where does MCN hold its annual London Motorcycle show?

A) Alexandra Palace. B) NEC. C) G-MEX Centre. D) Sheffield Arena.

46. Which Derbyshire home of weekend bike meets boasts a cable car?

A) Matlock Bath. B) Buxton. C) Bakewell. D) Darley Dale.

47. Which former Formula One racer participated in the Barry Sheene Memorial Race at the Goodwood Revival this year?

A) Eddie Irvine. B) Damon Hill. C) Michael Schumacher. D) David Coulthard.

48. At which ’03 event was a final production Ducati Multistrada first shown in the UK?

A) British GP. B) Scottish Show. C) NEC Show. D) BMF Show

49. In which country is the Daytona Bike Week held every year?

A) Australia. B) United Kingdom. C) USA. D) France.

50. Which cartoon character featured on Barry Sheene’s famous helmet?

A) Mickey Mouse. B) Goofy. C) Pluto. D) Donald Duck.


1. The new GSX-R600 and GSX-R750’s inlet valves are made from what?

A) Copper. B) Steel. C) Lead. D) Titanium.

2. Which 2004 bike has an automatic electronic steering damper?

A) Kawasaki ZX-10R. B) Aprilia RSV1000R. C) Honda Fireblade. D) Ducati 749R.

3. What is the ’04 Ducati 999R’s bore and stroke?

A) 54mm x 54.4mm. B) 64mm x 56.6mm. C) 104mm x 58.8mm. D) 114mm x 90mm.

4. What is the Yamaha XT660X’s capacity?

A) 656cc. B) 658cc. C) 660cc. D) 662cc.

5. How much does the 2004 Yamaha R1 weigh?

A) 142kg. B) 152kg. C) 172kg. D) 192kg.

6. The Kawasaki ZX-10R’s exhaust is made from?

A) Titanium. B) Brass. C) Aluminium. D) Magnesium.

7. How much torque does the Kawasaki VN2000 make?

A) 90ftlb. B) 100ftlb. C) 120ftlb. D) 190ftlb.

8. What exhaust does the new Yamaha FZ6 have?

A) Underseat. B) Low level twin pipes. C) Single high level pipe. D) High level twin pipes.

9. In which of these colours is the Kawasaki Z750 not available?

A) Blue. B) Red. C) Green. D) Black.

10. What adjustments does the FZ6 Fazer’s rear suspension have?

A) Rebound only. B) Compression and rebound. C) Compression and

pre-load. D) Pre-load only.

11. How wide is the rear tyre on the Triumph Rocket III?

A) 200mm. B) 210mm. C) 240mm. D) 320mm.

12. What is the Aprilia RSV1000R’s exhaust layout?

A) 4-2-1. B) 2-1. C) 4-2-4. D) 2-1-2.

13. What size fuel tank does the Ducati 749S have?

A) 11.5 litres. B) 12.5 litres. C) 15.5 litres. D) 25.5 litres.

14. What top speed did the Aprilia RSV1000R Factory make in our test against the Ducati 999S?

A) 165.94mph. B) 166.94mph. C) 175.94mph. D) 180.94mph.

15. Ducati’s ST3 has how many valves per cylinder?

A) One. B) Two. C) Three. D) Four.

16. What is the Rocket III’s engine capacity?

A) 1 litre. B) 1.3 litres. C) 2 litres. D) 2.3 litres.

17. What is the Yamaha TZR50’s capacity?

A) 47cc. B) 48cc. C) 49cc. D) 52cc.

18. How much narrower is the 2004 Yamaha R1’s frame than this year’s?

A) 6.4mm. B) 65.4mm. C) 68.4mm. D) 68cm.

19. How fast did MCN estimate BMW’s 2005 hypersports bike will go?

A) 175mph. B) 180mph. C) 185mph. D) 195mph

20. What is the rev limit of the MV Agusta F4 1000?

A) 8700rpm. B) 9700rpm. C) 12,700rpm. D) 19,700rpm.


1. Where did Ducati win its first MotoGP in 2003?

A) Donington Park. B) Mugello. C) Catalunya. D) Phillip Island.

2. Who did Rossi illegally pass at the British GP?

A) Colin Edwards. B) Max Biaggi. C) Troy Bayliss. D) Loris Capirossi.

3. Where did the Proton KR5 four-stroke score its first championship points?

A) Sachsenring. B) Twin Ring Motegi. C) Sepang. D) Brno

4. Other than Rossi, how many riders have won three or more premier class world titles?

A) 8. B) 9. C) 10. D) 11.

5. How many world sidecar titles has Britain’s Steve Webster won?

A) 9. B) 10. C) 11. D) 12.

6. Where did Troy Bayliss lead a GP for the first time?

A) Suzuka. B) Jerez. C) Le Mans. D) Welkom.

7. This year Daniel Pedrosa became the second youngest winner of a 125 GP title – after whom?

A) Valentino Rossi. B) Loris Capirossi. C) Manuel Poggiali. D) Haruchika Aoki.

8. How old was Barry Sheene when he lost his battle against cancer?

A) 49. B) 50. C) 51. D) 52.

9. A GP will be held in the Middle East in 2004. Where?

A) Dubai. B) Saudi Arabia. C) Oman. D) Qatar.

10. ” Riding this bike is like cutting off a bull’s balls and dangling them in its face. ” Said who?

A) Jeremy McWilliams. B) Garry McCoy. C) Sete Gibernau. D) Colin Edwards.

11. Where did Nicky Hayden get his first GP podium?

A) Twin Ring Motegi. B) Rio. C) Phillip Island. D) Sepang.

12. How many races did Shane Byrne win in the 2003 BSB series?

A) 9. B) 10. C) 11. D) 12.

13. Who won this year’s U.S. superbike title?

A) Kurtis Roberts. B) Aaron Yates. C) Mat Mladin. D) Ben Bostrom.

14. What is the name of Neil Hodgson’s daughter?

A) Hollie. B) Holly. C) Hayley. D) Polly.

15. Rossi has crashed once in a race since the 2002 British GP. Where?

A) Catalunya. B) Twin Ring Motegi. C) Brno. D) Sachsenring.

16. Alex Barros scored Yamaha’s only podium in 2003, but where was it?

A) Le Mans. B) Donington Park. C) Jerez. D) Mugello.

17. Only four wins in this year’s WSB series went to non Fila Ducati riders. Who were they?

A) Lavilla, Chili, Toseland. B) Toseland, Chili, Reynolds. C) Chili, Laconi, Byrne. D) Toseland, Chili, Byrne.

18. What was historic about Triumph’s Junior Isle of Man TT in 2003?

A) Its first win since 1975. B) Its first win since 1976. C) Its first win since 1977. D) Its first win since 1978.

19. Who won this year’s Yamaha R6 Cup?

A) Benny Hill. B) Harry Hill. C) Tommy Hill. D) Tommy Cooper.

20. Which firm shelved its four-stroke MotoGP project in July?

A) KTM. B) Cagiva. C) Bimota. D) Benelli.

21. Which British 125 rider didn’t finish the season in this year’s world series?

A) Chaz Davies. B) Casey Stoner. C) Chris Martin. D) Leon Camier.

22. Apart from Rossi, who scored points in all but one 2003 MotoGP race?

A) Tohru Ukawa. B) Carlos Checa. C) Shinya Nakano. D) Max Biaggi.

23. Who is the reigning World Speedway champ?

A) Jason Crump. B) Tony Rickardsson. C) Ryan Sullivan. D) Nikki Pedersen.

24. James Toseland won his first WSB race at:

A) Hockenheim B) Sachsenring C) Nurburgring D) Oschersleben

25. Which Kiwi won two races at this year’s IoM TT?

A) Aaron Slight. B) Bruce Anstey. C) Shaun Harris. D) Simon Crafar.

26. Between them, how many podiums did Walker and Toseland get in ’03?

A) 13. B) 14. C) 15. D) 16

27. Which firm will supply all WSB tyres next year?

A) Pirelli. D) Michelin. C) Dunlop. D) Bridgestone.

28. What is the codename of Kawasaki’s new ZX-RR?

A) KRT 030-1. B) KRT 003-1. C) KTR 003-1. D) KRT 001-3.

29. What vintage of Manx Norton did Mick Doohan ride in tribute to Barry Sheene at the ’03 Oz GP?

A) 1960. B) 1961. C) 1962. D) 1963.

30. Why did Rossi’s dad miss his son’s fifth title win?

A) He missed the plane. B) He lost his passport. C) He’s scared of flying. D) His car broke down.

In the event of a tie, you need to answer the following tiebreak question: What is your estimate to the nearest mile of the total mileage covered by MCN long term test bikes in 2003?

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