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With Brands Hatch World Superbikes over for another year we wanted to share your memories. Here are just a few of the things that we all got up to on a very muddy Saturday night and a sun-soaked, action packed Sunday.

Ben Hallett: Wow what a fantastic weekend. The racing was good and the atmosphere was brilliant. We had an excellent time even in Thunder Park in the rain on Saturday night. When the Po Boys came on the place rocked and that's when the moshing turned to mud wrestling. On the right is a picture taken by one of the friendly bar staff as we were taking a half time beer breather during the concert.

Tony Watson: I must express how well organised it all was, yet again. Good to see three Brits finish on the podium in both races.

A big thanks goes to Neil Hodgson for taking the time and trouble to meet and greet his fans after the racing had finished. He even had time for photos; it made my daughter’s day.

Andy James: Saturday was a great day’s qualifying and a really exciting sidecar race. Saturday evening was a washout so we didn’t get to see the Po Boys.

The racing was fantastic and the atmosphere was perfect. The hairs were standing up on the back of my neck, it was that good. Warm, sunny and brilliant.

Shakey is a god and deserved everything. Walker low sided in front of us in race two. It looked horrific but he got up and then made a point of getting with the crowd almost immediately signing autographs and shaking hands, what a cool bloke.

Neil Hodgson was signing autographs for three hours after a weekend’s racing. These guys are something for us all to be proud of. Roll on next year, I'll be there for sure, it's the best event in the world.

BoardThumper: ThunderPark was a superb idea, more again next year! The Po Boys were excellent. Even the rain on Saturday night didn’t damp us down.

Nick Smith: I just wanted to say thanks to a few people: John Reynolds for turning around on his scooter to meet and autograph for me and a mate, Shakey - What can I say, you took the time to talk to me on Friday and post race, Emmet - I wasn’t a fan before but now I’ve met you I am, thanks for the advice on Paddock Hill bend, Suzi Perry - Schwing! Much nicer in the flesh than on the box.

Dan Kilbourn: What a top weekend. Brits on the Podium and 120,000 people - British sport at its best. And we got some great action shots from Druids.

Su Rowbotham: What a great weekend of racing, despite the weather. We drank too much, ate too many burgers and had too little sleep. The Thunderpark was a great idea, if a little expensive, and I didn’t leave till 8am on Monday morning.

Graham Sharp: I got to sit on Jamie Whithams 2002 Belgarda Yamaha (see the picture on the right) that the Team presented to him on Sunday to say thank you after he had done a few laps of Brands in an Audi TT. Jamie, you are a star and we will all miss your crazy riding.

Martin Wisbey: The Stalker's Ducati flipped up and smashed into the catch fencing in front of us. Then he stood up, dusted himself off, came inside the fencing, and signed autographs, posed for pictures, and even watched a little of the race. Then he disposed of his gloves and boots in to the crowd and went back to the pits. Top man, big shame, your win will come Chris.

Alistair Hill: Sunday morning my wife was in a ‘why am doing this, I don’t even like bikes’ mood. But as we settled in at Paddock Hill stand I saw the ice maiden start to thaw.

When the first superbike race started she got excited, between races she chatted with other bikers and pillions and by race two she was completely enthralled and shouting out support to Hodgson and any other Brit on a bike.

She smiled all the way home, has already had her first pillion ride and even wants to go touring! All thanks to WSB.

Ian, Kath and Matthew Daily: One of my lasting memories will be seeing Neil Hodgson sitting on a Fila scooter in the paddock. He said he would be there until it got dark, and true to his word he was there, at least until 7pm when we left - and people were still queuing. He even refused food and drink! He signed almost anything that was past his way and even talked to friends of fans on their mobile phones. Such commitment to his fans makes him a true star.

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