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This week’s MCN includes a free 16-page Ultimate Exhaust Guide, with information on fitting, power gains and the law. It’s also got an A-Z showcase of the best exhausts and the results of motorcyclenews.com’s exhaust survey.

And there’s a model-by-model explanation of the power gains you can expect on the most popular bikes. If you want to know the boost you’ll get for your Kawasaki ZX-6R, Honda FireBlade or 30 other bikes, this is the place to find out.

Plus, in this week’s MCN:

Tribute to David Jefferies, and a look at the TT aftermath. First exclusive pics of the Triumph cruiser in action on the road. Ducati MotoGP replica kits from QB. What’s going on at Riossi?. Bike clamps in action. All-new Bimotos. Ducati to build new Supermoto. Be an expert on the Honda GL1800 GoldWing. New Kawasaki kit. RST Shield jacket tested. Win an X-Box and MotoGP2 game. KTM 950 Adventurer-S versus BMW R1150GS Adventure road test. 8-page guide to the MCN Summer Sports Bike Show. Three levels of Rizla Suzuki, from £9995 replica to John Reynolds’ race bike, ridden and rate. Long term reports on the Kawasaki Z1000, Honda CBR600RR. MCN’s What’s On guide. Full race reports from the Isle of Man TT, World Superbikes at Oshersleben, and Neil Hodgson’s own column. An exclusive chat with Kenny Roberts about building his all-new V5 MotoGP bike. Suzuki’s GP crisis. CCM R40 dual-sport off-roaders debuts. MCN-backed IoM Supermoto report. How to jump off-road bikes. Long term KTM 250EXC report, and be an expert on the Suzuki DRZ350.

All this is in MCN, June 4, out now.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff