Safety campaign ‘To Die For’

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A Derbyshire safety campaign, picturing a bike with the slogan ‘To Die For’is to be used by other county councils in the East Midlands.

The campaign places the posters in known accident black spots in an effort to remind bikers visiting the area, which includes the Matlock Bath bike meet, to ride safely.

” We want riders to enjoy our roads, but we also want them to get home safely, ” said Councillor Walter Burrows. ” It’s obvious that other councils think we’re on the right track. We haven’t seen a lot of improvement in accident rates this year, but there seems to be more bikes about, so without the campaign the numbers injured may have gone up. ”

Do you think this poster would make you ride more safely? How does it compare to the shocking posters used by the Medway Safety Camera Partnership earlier this year (see link on the right). And if you’ve got any ideas for a more effective campaign, email us with your suggestions.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff