Try drag runs for £24

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Thrash your bike to the max away from the lights – without risking a run-in with the law.

Santa Pod Raceway, near Poddington, Beds, is holding a bikes only ‘Run What Ya Brung’ session offering unlimited timed runs up the famous purpose built drag strip on whatever bike, or scooter, you want to take along.

The On2Wheels event takes place on Saturday August 21 and will cost you as little as £24 with free camping if you buy the weekend ticket.

You also get a chance to talk to pro drag racers and watch as they blat up the quarter-mile strip from a standing start in less than 10 seconds. Rounds of the national drag championship held throughout the day.

There are regular’ run what ya brung’ events at the track every week but you usually have to share the strip with four wheelers.

Contact 01234-787828 to book or click here for a beginners guide to Run What Ya Brung.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff