Forum users' Xmas meet

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MCN Have Your Say forum users gathered for a Christmas drink in Cambridgeshire on Tuesday lunchtime (Dec 21).

Starting at the MCN offices in Peterborough, the party moved on to a village pub for a username-to-faces session.

Now we’re looking forward to organising a get-together when the weather is warmer for a bit more riding – and potentially an overnight stay in a b&b or similar to give us all the chance for more drinking time. We hope you’ll join us next time.

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Those attending this time around included Fenboy (Jason Pugh), Graham Lutz (gl) Steve Baden (Steve B), Tony Watkins (pygmy), David Westwood (David W), Nobby Clark (Obewan), Keith Lewis (52 BlackShadow), Steve Miller (serialkiller) and Martin (whose username we missed… sorry). was represented by David Cushman (Editor), Angus Farquhar (Used Bikes Editor) and Dan Thornton (Products Editor).

Look out for some of the Have Your Say forum users featuring on the MCN sofa in MCN Live early next year.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff