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The American superbike uncovered in MCN this week has been out on track. Nick Ienatsch is the first journalist to ride the bike and you can watch the video online.

The American built bike has been designed to beat the best Jap bikes on the road and on the track and if Ienatsch’s first report is right, it may just do it.

“I knew that the first three laps would be a slow assessment, but I went quicker than I expected to,” Said Ienatsch. “And quicker than Czysz and his group expected. That’s a good sign, a sign of rideability and of comfort, showing that the assembly of these pieces has produced a bike that at least feels natural on a racetrack.”

The bike was conceived from the start to push the boundaries of design and is dripping with radical features such as a V4 engine with twin crankshafts that rotate in opposite directions, a carbon fibre chassis and a unique suspension design.

Ienatsch continued: “I loved how the bike came on throttle and the smoothness of the engine seemed to allow me to feel initial throttle better than on the in-line fours I usually ride. The front brakes provided terrific feel and I started running them way into the corner, even by the end of the first lap. The C1 steered really well, no surprises despite the suspension being on the soft, comfortable side of track settings.”

You can read Ienatsch’s full report here. Click here to go to the MotoCzysz website and click on ‘the bike’ in the bottom left hand corner to view video of the C1 including an interview with former GP champion Eddie Lawson

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff