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The total amount of money raised by the biking Santa world record attempt at Rockingham is continuing to rise, with one rider collecting a massive £1700.

Sean Ramsell, a site traffic manager for David Wilson Homes, was determined to raise a lot of money for cancer charity Antic and pulled out all the stops to raise a total of £1773.

Sean explained, “I saw it advertised in MCN and the wife and I racked our brains to find a way to raise a lot of money. Eventually we came up with the idea of dressing up as Santa and riding round all the David Wilson building sites to collect some money. I phoned them all first and they went round with a tin then I rode round all the sites in one day to collect the cash.”

Riding around in full Santa regalia got Sean a lot of attention, “It was great riding up the M6 dressed as Santa. All the lorry drivers were sounding their horns and everyone just pulled out of the way. It was like the parting of the red sea. The red and white suit was a little bit mucky by the end of the day though. I went out red and white and came back almost black.”

Sean’s money has helped organisers Record Breakers to far exceed the £20,000 total they announced on Monday, and there’s still plenty more to come.

Record Breakers’ Michael Callard explained, “We’ve had trouble with some of the people in the record attempt not knowing where to send the money to so we are currently phoning all of the 2633 people that took part to give them the details. In just the 16 people that we spoke to this morning we managed to collect in another£5000 so we are pretty confident that the total is going to be a big one.”

If you’ve still got money to send in or you just want to make a donation to Antics you can contact Record Breakers on 0870 224 2245 or send the money to Record Breakers, 64 Wood Street, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1UP.

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By MCN Staff