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Now you can book ads online to sell your bike on motorcyclenews.com, in MCN and in MCN BikeMart Extra magazine.

If you want your ad to appear in the next issue of MCN you have until 8pm on January 16 to place it. Click here to start. Ads placed after this time will go live on the site as fast as possible and appear in the following issue of MCN.

We’re also offering a much-improved search function to allow you to seek out bikes to buy with swift precision. Click here to take a look around the new section. Use QuickSearch and you’ll be shown what is available within 20 miles of the postcode you give us. For an even greater choice use Advanced Search (you need to log in/register) for this.

Booking your advert online can be achieved in just four simple steps. You can decide your advert’s wording, style and size and add a picture. You can choose whether you want your ad to appear in MCN and MCN BikeMart Extra magazine, or just on motorcyclenews.com – all on line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Booking your ad online gives you more control than ever before. You can now choose between three different styles of print ad and get a web ad for free or simply go for the web only option if you prefer. You can also decide how long you want your ad to run, and add your own words and up to three pictures in your web ad for no extra charge.

Your ad will be published faster than we’ve been able to offer until now. During normal business hours it could appear on the website within minutes of your confirmation of the details.

We’ll be updating our search data with a whole range of the most recent bikes by the end of this month and from then on we’ll be constantly adding new bikes to keep our system bang up to date.

And this is just the start of an exciting New Year for motorcyclenews.com

In the coming months you’ll see the whole site change for the better. We’ve been listening and we are now in the process of rebuilding to meet your needs and your demands. Expect a brilliant new Bike Reviews section, a new focus on the kit you need, more opportunities for you to get involved, a revamped What’s On and a giant leap forward for our Discussion & Chat functions.

And that’s on top of our usual mix of hot news about bikes and the people who ride and race them.

We’re committed to making MCN’s website better than ever. Keep an eye on our progress throughout the Spring at motorcyclenews.com

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