Cops' new clamp-down

Published: 07 July 2004

Police are launching weekend clampdowns on riders going at 'excessive speed' and treating roads as 'race tracks.' But they say they will gather intelligence on individual offenders so that they can be targeted, rather than going out to stop all riders.

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Inspector Chris Hume, of Northamptonshire Police's Operations Department, says officers will target three popular riding routes in the county every weekend until August 21-22.

He said: "We will concentrate on the top end of the worst offenders. We are only interested in taking the small and dangerous element off the roads.

We have been working on education and awareness with motorcycle groups who are keen for us to take action against those who are riding recklessly and inconsiderately."

A spokesman added: "We are also urging other road users to keep an eye out for motorcyclists, especially in dry conditions and weekends when there are likely to be more about."

Police say their 2003 records show on a handful of the county's roads the majority of riders surveyed were speeding. On one road, the A361 at Byfield, 31 per cent of riders were going faster than 80mph. And on the A509 at Wollaston 27 per cent exceeded 80mph with a highest recorded speed of 139mph.

The force has not said when it will next be clamping down on drivers using mobile phones.