Prince in a dark visor

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Prince William has been spotted riding in a dark visor and with what looks like a noisy end-can fitted to his Triumph Daytona 600.

Pictures are published in today’s MCN (Wednesday July 28) and were also published in the Daily Mail on Saturday. But MCN first broke the story of the Prince going for track thrashes on his Daytona as early as July 14.

Alpinestars boots, BKS leather jacket and Arai helmet appear to be the kit of Royal choice.

But the Prince’s decision to use a dark visor is stirring mixed reactions among this site’s users.

Howard Davies said: “Unless it’s something to do with hiding his identity, I can’t see how he can get away with it.”

‘The Reverend added: “No doubt the apparent heir to the English throne will be regarded as a "special case", beyond the law due to the need to protect his anonymity (Although it's odd that the mere act of wearing a full face helmet makes the rest of us so anonymous that petrol stations won't serve us unless the lid is removed).”

While Abo insists: “We all wear dark visors – why shouldn’t he?”

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By MCN Staff