Government launches film for sports bike riders

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A Government film aimed at ‘getting inside the psychology of sports bike riders’ to reduce bike accidents is being launched today, according to reports on BBC1 TV news on March 29.

It is due to be played in cinemas and on motoring programs. Oddly, they haven’t bothered sending a copy of it to MCN, or even letting us know it was coming out. You might have thought the world’s biggest weekly bike publication and the UK’s biggest bike website could have helped spread the message to, er, motorcyclists… When we get hold of a copy we’ll let you know what we think.

Read the BBC report here.

To view a replay of the BBC TV report for yourself go here and when you arrive in the BBC news section look under ‘News Bulletins’ and click on ‘BBC One TV News’. Then click on ‘New Move To Cut Bike Deaths.’ These links were active on March 30, 2004.

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