BMW releases more details on 180mph superbike

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BMW has followed up the release of the first official picture of its new superbike with more details and fuller spec.

There’s more to come on June 6, the firm promises, but in the meantime read below how BMW is describing its new bike.

And if you happen to ride a Honda Blackbird, Kawasaki ZX-12R or a Suzuki Hayabusa we want to know what you think of the new K1200S. Is the technology alone is enough to persuade to switch to BMW? Are you ready to go Teutonic or does BMW’s staid, pipe-and-slippers image put you off? Would you pay extra for the BMW’s high-tech design, which includes electronically-adjustable suspension? Do ABS brakes make it more attractive, or detract from the riding experience? And, most importantly, would you be put off by the K1200S’s unconventional front suspension, which is said to give huge handling benefits but means you have no direct link between the bars and the front wheel?

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Here’s the K1200S in BMW’s own words: " The K1200 S is a new concept, high-power superbike from BMW Motorrad. It is the second machine (after the R1200 GS launched in March) to reflect the new design philosophy of BMW Motorrad, which is to create motorcycles with more power that are lighter in weight and have increased agility. Specifically, the K1200 S has been designed and engineered to offer the ultimate in " real world " sports performance.

" The K1200 S’s unique characteristics will therefore appeal to certain riders of large-capacity hypersport , supersport and sport touring machines. The K1200 S is the most powerful motorcycle ever produced by BMW and the company’s proven engine technology and expertise has been used to design a completely new 1157cc 4-cylinder, in-line engine that delivers over 160 bhp.

" The many technical features of the K1200 S will do much to enhance BMW Motorrad’s already legendary reputation for design and innovation.

" The transverse engine has an extreme forward tilt of 55 degrees. This ensures a low centre of gravity and, together with the frame geometry, achieves the ideal front/rear weight distribution of 50:50.

" Application of original engine design technology has resulted in an extraordinarily narrow engine. This has enabled the provision of maximum lean angles and a narrower profile for the bike.

" The most sophisticated engine management system currently available on any motorcycle.

" A revolutionary front suspension system that uses two parallel links, without telescopic forks, to achieve excellent precision, overall rigidity and less weight.

The K1200 S is the first high-performance superbike to incorporate a lightweight shaft, final drive system.

" The optional electronically adjustable suspension represents an industry first in the manufacture of motorcycles.

" The K1200 S will be launched to the international press in July, in Germany. The bike will make its first public appearance at the INTERMOT show in Munich from September 15-19 and the UK launch will be soon afterwards. The price of the new K1200 S has yet to be finalised.

" For the latest information on the K1200 S, interested customers can visit a special website – – and register to receive further information. Current sports bike riders can also apply for selection to a special K1200 S test ride event that will take place at the legendary Nürburgring in September. "

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