We want your opinions on the K1200S

If you’ve got a Honda Blackbird, Kawasaki ZX-12R or a Suzuki Hayabusa we want to know what you think of BMW’s new attempt to steal a march on the Japanese with its new K1200S.

The 170bhp, 180mph K1200S is aimed squarely at riders of the three Japanese super-sports-tourers, using technology that’s light years ahead of other BMWs. But we want to know if technology alone is enough to persuade riders weaned on Japanese machines to switch to BMW.

Are you ready to go Teutonic or does BMW’s staid, pipe-and-slippers image put you off? Would you pay extra for the BMW’s high-tech design, which includes electronically-adjustable suspension? Do ABS brakes make it more attractive, or detract from the riding experience?

And, most importantly, would you be put off by the K1200S’s unconventional front suspension, which is said to give huge handling benefits but means you have no direct link between the bars and the front wheel?

Let us know by emailing ben.purvis@emap.com

Please include details of your name, age, where you’re from and what bike you currently ride.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff