Let off for speeders

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Anti-speed zealout Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom has approved thousands of letters to riders and drivers telling them a police error means they may get their speeding convictions removed.

Some North Wales police statements have been ruled not legally sound because police officers didn’t sign statements. Instead, scans of their signatures were used.

Riders and drivers who denied speeding will be allowed to have their cases reviewed.

The use of scanned signatures was introduced by North Wales Police to save on admin time. But the idea has well and truly back-fired with a pile more admin to cope with now.

Every motorist caught speeding by the North Wales force by a mobile camera since June 6 this year will get a letter - around 6500 in total.

If you pleaded guilty you can’t appeal now. But if you pleaded not guilty, and got convicted, you may be able to get your case reopened - if the cop operating the camera did not come to court for your case.

North Wales Police say they are writing to all those effected "in the interests of transparency and fairness."

The force says that since the ruling the use of scanned signatures has ended.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff