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How do you fancy a paint scheme that changes colour whenever you want? Well one US company has come up with a apint that will do exactly that.

Trippin’ Paint ( changes colour with heat and can be made to change between any two colours of your choice at any temperature between 18°c and 65°c. It can even be airbrushed so you can have a plain colour bike when it is cold with graphics that appear when the engine heats everything up.

The company also offer an instant change option by embedding heating wires in the bodywork. These heat the panels up to the right temperature and make the alternative colour appear at the touch of a button on the bike or remote control.

The paint is applied to the bike in exactly the same way as normal paint so can be used by anyone with a spray gun. But like flip paint, which changes colour depending on how the light catches it, an additional UV resistant top coat is needed to stop it fading.

The paint isn’t cheap, at £236 for a litre, but it will definitely make your bike stand out on the next Sunday ride-out.

Click here to watch a video of the paint change colour as cold water is poured over the top.

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